Dubai Opera

GMG Dubai is in the privileged position of being the sole supplier of merchandise and printed programmes for the the prestigious Dubai Opera, which opened it’s doors in the Summer of 2016. We manage the design, manufacture, transportation, vending and reporting on all of the goods sold. We arrange both the promotional and commercial aspect of goods and print distribution, catering for a discerning audience and set of cliental. 

We have worked with the venue to develop a core group of merchandise with a heavy focus on quality of goods. We believe we have created a simple yet understated range punctuated with small flourishes and details that are sympathetic to local customs and tastes. As well as being distributed through the foyer at events and shows, the goods are also being sold through a newly created dedicated shop space within the opera house’s grounds to allow for extended sales throughout the day. We monitor and manage the re-ordering of all stock and development of new product ideas, completely alleviating all pressure from the venue itself.


As well as all of the above, we also provide design and print services for the in-house theatre programmes which are produced on a regular basis. Our flexible studio has created programmes for a plethora of shows from world renowned artists such, as Placido Domingo and José Carreras, to Ballet companies, such as The Russian State Ballet and Béjart Ballet, as well as exceptional musicians and performers, such as Anoushka Shankeer and Sara Baras. Each programme is a tribute to each artists style whilst still remaining true to the core values and branding that makes the Dubai Opera stand out as a force to be reckoned with!

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